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How we help

At Digital Grit, we drive your online growth with a full suite of services. Our expertise lies in crafting the right messages for the right audience and using a modern, lean, and cost-effective approach. We focus on fast, agile experimentation to find what works best and scale it for maximum impact.

We take your digital marketing seriously

At Digital Grit, effective digital marketing starts with the right message positioned for the right audience. We are Norfolk County's premier creative marketing agency.

Our approach to digital marketing

Just like in school, any good project starts with research. Our process begins with an audit of your current digital marketing efforts. We research industry dynamics, your competitors’ strategies, and the preferences and behaviors of your target audience.


This research phase is critical to uncovering key insights and opportunities that are unique to your business. We leverage advanced analytics tools and market research techniques to gather data that will inform and guide our strategy. This foundational step ensures that our approach is data-driven and customizedto address your specific challenges and objectives.

Website Development

Your website is your front page, and it needs to be more than just a placeholder. We develop affordable low/no code websites that not only look great but rank well on on Google, attracting traffic and converting visitors into return customers.

Email Marketing

Your email list is your direct line to your audience. Let us help you build and nurture it into a core asset for your business. From strategic campaigns to optimized email sequences, we'll ensure your message is clear, branded and drives results.

Our Purpose

At Digital Grit, we're serious about marketing. Our promise is clear: to grow you business with strategic digital marketing.


With our expertise in web development, copywriting and modern digital marketing, we ensure that your business stands out and converts more online sales.


From comprehensive marketing campaigns to seamlessly designed websites and automation sequences, we deliver results-based solutions specified to your business needs.


Schedule a zero-obligation discovery call today!

Social Media Marketing

Social media requires a sturdy strategy. We'll work with you to develop a plan that works for your business, engaging your audience across platforms and converting followers into loyal customers.

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